Taiwan University Socialization

Today, 20th October 2018 Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi School is having Taiwan University socialization for 12 grade of Vocational and Senior High School. The purpose is to persuade 12th grade students to join Mingdao University in Taiwan. Mingdao University operates since 18 years ago, located in the center of Taiwan, there’s a lake, and the university is 5,1 hectare. This university has so many facilities such as market, a dormitory ( can fit around 800 people), a restaurant at ground floor of dormitory, a library, a swimming pool inside the building, a room for gymnasium, and free transportation fee. For Indonesian people, Taiwan food courts always give signs for halal food and non halal food.

There are 5 majors in Mingdao University. There are applied-science, management, tourism, design, and literature. There are 959 foreign students that come to study at Mingdao university, and from Indonesia there are 109 students. Also, there are 11 departments such as agriculture, digital design, material and energy technique, model / designer, culinary art, make-up art, etc. In digital design, to graduate you must make a 3D animation.

There’s a graduate student from material and energy technic who made approximately 12 meters height windmill which helps to provide more electricity for more than one house, also they made an eco-friendly vehicles that change wind into energy. In agriculture, because Taiwan has similar weather with Indonesia, so the education we have learnt can be beneficial when we back to our country, and they have licensed for their ‘free pesticide’ organic garden site.
Taiwan Mingdao University has school network that provides mandarin course for 2 weeks before departure and work opportunities & internship and help us to handle all moving needs for the student (like passport, visa, and airplane ticket). And for the school fee is free plus the student will get their monthly fee around 6000 nt Taiwan Dollar.

There are much more facilities in Mingdao University. This university accommodates every student’s needs with school network, if you join this scholarship project everything will be easier, so are you interested to join Mingdao University?


Written by: Aurel Sienatra, Brigitha Chanlie, Merry Putri, Vachell Christiansen, Yola (English Dream Team).

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