Time Is Life

Today, 14 October 2018, Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi Vocational School is having Tzu Shao by Tzu Ching about “Management Of Time”. Now our generation said that 24 hours are not enough for a day because this is 21st century, which the technology has rapidly developing technology. 8 out of 10 students said that they don’t have enough time to sleep because most of their times are spent for doing school assignments, some of them are really use their times to do something useful, and some of them spent their time to play their own gadget like playing games, social media, watch YouTube videos, and other kind of stuffs. Actually, 24 hours a day is enough for us if we use our time to do something useful, like, you know, study, or maybe take a rest. They told us about how important time is in our daily life. They showed a video that taught us about an old man that spent his 60 years for doing nothing, and then in his last 10 years, he regretted that he didn’t use his time wisely. So the purpose of the video is that our generation must use our time wisely, because time is life and regret always comes in the end.

Sharing About Management Of Time

Then we played games that divided into 3 posts. The first post, we told to make our own time management schedule that consist of 4 parts; important, not important, urgent, not urgent. Then the second post, we told to make our schedule but in a shape of a clock. These posts taught us to manage our own time same as the first post. And then the third post, we should walk in a form of group from one side to the other side by using 5 cartons each group, holding hands, and make sure the feet didn’t touch the ground. This game taught us to make a great teamwork. After the game ended, we shared our opinion about the games and Tzu Ching gave us advice to manage our time wisely.

Playing Games at Post 3

This morning, Tzu Ching gave something important to us about time. They taught us to use our time useful and wisely because time always goes forward and never went back.

Making Time Table Of Priority

Written By: Angel Maylia, Brigitha Chanlie, Vachell Christiansen (English Dream Team)

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